Saturday, November 29, 2008

jim's first guitar - JEM junior

yaya finally get my 1st electric guitar :D
JEM junior, hehe
Can be said as my first self-bought guitar also, previously using my dad bought 1...

Thursday after work, went to Gurney Plaza try out Ibanez RG420EG, hand itchy liao, really cannot resist wanna buy guitar!
So, after lunch on Friday session, went to Bukit Jambul there, and I met my first guitar :D
The performance/appearance is SATISFIED :D

Here's some photo, together with the amp :D

Saturday, November 22, 2008


干!想买一把合心意的performance guitar真的那么难吗?

JACKSON SOLOIST系列里的其中一把,价钱?USD1,800 -.-

Ibanez JEM-7v (Steve Vai Signature),价钱?USD2,300 -.-"

下个星期要去试玩Jackson Dinky和Ibanez G-series!!

23-November-08 update:




Wednesday, November 5, 2008

jim's birthday eve 2008 is 5th Nov woer, so jim's 26 liao lor~ he's getting older and older...but still the same jim >> act so childish...haha

Anyway, my birthday celebration in 2008 can be said is quite special for me...why?
Hermmm, let's see...I think this is the first time celebrate my birthday with BEER & LIQUOR..
Unbelieveable, right?...I just realize I'm that guai guai zai? hahaha
Thanks for my colleagues who had successfully organized a so called "jim's birthday eve celebration + countdown drinking session", haha...
Thanks to KitOon/YeeFan/XunHong/Weiching/HuiLing ~muacks~
You guys are *sweet* XD

Well, this is my first time drinking hard liquor...the result hor, oh shit, the blur carry forward to the next day, totally cant work at all...the stomach got weird feeling, feel like want to vomit, but can't vomit...really SUFFERING!
Anyway, quite enjoy when we were celebrating haha
YAYAYA...thanks for successfully get a free flamming SAMBUCA shot for me =D

I believe the initial plan is to get me drunk badly, this is what a birthday boy usually will kena 1...but i think they also take consider that we need to work on the next day, so eventually just end up everyone's in very high condition, none of us drunk badly...
Consuming only 2x5 botols of Heineken and 1 botol of JD...

Once again, thanks for celebrating my birthday with me, KO/YF/HL/WC/XH...

And also, thanks for all the birthday greets in form of sms/msn message/friendster's testimonials (hermm what else? email? hehe...)

Oh yar, not to forget that this coming Friday having a BELATED CELEBRATION with LeeKhim/Shann/Jooz...hehe

Ok, so i think i'll end this topic with my birthday wish...
Actually, my birthday wish is the same for every year, since hermm i think is 2000...
"I wish all my friends healthy always, and friendship forever..."
Eh, don't shed your tears ah, I'm not great actually, this wish is quite selfish 1...
I wish you guys healthy always, so that coming years you guys can celebrate with me mar...haha